CBSE Training Portal Registration, Login, Certificate, Contact details

CBSE training portal registration

Applicants wishing to participate in the CBSE Teacher Training Registration can now register online on the portal. The online portal is ready for online registration and all applicants can now register online by following the simple steps, which you can review below.

  1. Go to the official website of the CBSE portal (all important links are given above).
  2. Information on the training center, fees, availability of places, date and time, etc. can be found on this homepage.
  3. Check the availability of seats and click the “Register” button.
  4. A window will open in which participants must select the “New registration for individual participants” option.
  5. The system directs the user to the registration page where the user must fill in the personal and school details correctly.
  6. Click the Send link.

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Access to the CBSE Portal

Those teachers who want to access the CBSE training portal can now log in with their cbsedigitaledu ID and password, which are provided by individuals when registering. Exercise program. You can register by following the steps below.

  1. Visit the official website of the CBSE portal or use the link above.
  2. Select the login option provided on the main page of the portal.
  3. Enter your username and password in the blank fields and then click the “Login” button.
  4. You are successfully logged in to the CBSE online training portal.

CBSE training portal registration

How to download E-Certificate from CBSE Training Portal

Applicants wishing to download the CBSE Teacher Education Certificate can obtain their certificate once they have completed the online training. Applicants must complete all online teacher training programs to obtain the certificate and must also complete participation in your certificate.

Registered applicants must attend and complete online courses to obtain certification. The CBSE teacher education certificate can be downloaded from the official website of the CBSE education portal. Please follow the steps below to download the electronic certificate for the CBSE Online Teacher Training Program.

  1. Visit the official website or click here to download the CBSE Training Certificate.
  2. You must click on the course for which you want to download the certificate.
  3. Eenter your Email ID, Password and security PIN, then click on the login option.
  4. Click the option to download the certificate.
  5. Once you click the download option, your certificate will be downloaded.

How can I attend a CBSE teacher training course?

Teachers, principals or other school officials wishing to participate in the CBSE training program can follow these steps to register on the CBSE 2021 online training portal:

  1. Go to Visit the Official CBSE Teacher Training Course Portal or click on the official CBSE link “cbseit .in / cbse / training /”
  2. Then “Click here to register for online sessions” This link will appear on the home page. Or click on a specific city name that appears on the homepage to filter your search for exercise programs by location.
  3. Discover the training program of your choice.
  4. Click the “Register” button for the respective program.
  5. Fill in the registration form with the required information.
  6. Complete the registration payment verification process.
  7. Attend the program at the scheduled date, time, and location.
  8. Get the necessary comments and certification from the board.

Introductory programs

The program is aimed at school principals and new school principals who are members of the Governing Board. Several sessions have been set up to guide schools by providing input on the functioning of regional offices, exams and IT issues. teaches at CBSE CBP, Life Skills, Values ​​and Physical Education. if you want to SAI Fit India Quiz Registration & KCET 2022 Registration check these linked articles.

Programs for Potential Resource Specialists

Resource specialists are experts who provide information and opinions to participants in a learning environment. They are widely used for educational activities, but can also be useful for a program level panel. be from inside or outside the organization. Make your choice based on your knowledge of the topic and the ability to successfully cover and communicate information to an audience.

General CBP for teachers

Classroom management

The program consists of sessions that familiarize participating teachers with the skills, techniques, and strategies of effective classroom management so that they can analyze their teaching style and further strengthen it to effectively manage large classrooms.

Inclusion and Comprehensive Strategies

The program consists of sessions that raise awareness of the needs of children with disabilities and motivate participating teachers to reflect their perspectives and knowledge on issues related to children with special needs (CWSN). Participants with contributions to CWSN regulations, exemptions and certificates, and practical inclusion strategies.

Professional Instruction Portal

The program consists of sessions designed to educate teachers about the importance of career guidance for students, including, but not limited to, sessions on the changing job world and career guidance determinants. updated specialist information and organization of group orientation activities.

Gender sensitivity

The program consists of sessions that provide guidance for gender-sensitive teachers, including, inter alia, learning units through gender-sensitive methodology, the use of gender-sensitive teaching and learning materials, and the creation of a gender-sensitive learning environment.

Life skills

The program consists of sessions in which participants are introduced to different life skills; Raising awareness of the fact that life skills are an integral part of various disciplines and motivate teachers to focus on promoting these life skills.

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CBSE portal helpline number

CBSE portal helpline number at Applicants wishing to verify the CBSE portal helpline number can now check all helpline numbers on this site. The helpline numbers of the 2021 online training program are listed below for your easy look and feel.

Name and denomination Phone number
Training unit 011 – 23214737
Dr. B Saha (Training Director) 011 – 23216873
Dr. Sandeep Jain 011 – 23211400
Amit Singh (Payment Questions) 011 – 23211700
IT unit 011 – 23214737

The CBSE program for teachers is the foundation on which a quality education system is built. The board strives to improve the quality of teachers through various efforts. The Law on Education 2009 states that teacher training plays an important role in the overall framework of quality education. So this can be achieved by CBSE teacher training programs. This was all information about CBSE training portal registration, login, certificate, contact details. You can visit the CBSE website for more details.

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